Creating Estate Planning Documents
Has Never Been Easier

Our process is designed to relieve you and your loved ones from the stress that involves creating legal document. TrustHandled Creates and stores your Estate Planning Documents at a fraction of the cost that a lawyer would charge. We guide you through a user-friendly questionnaire, that collects important information and builds your legal documents from that. In the event you or your designated loved ones need access to the documents, your docs are here to keep everything organized and reduce the typical level of stress families have in these situations.


Why Should I Use TrustHandled?

Your information is stored safely so if your circumstances ever change, you can update your information and details, regenerate documents and ensure that your loved ones are secured. TrustHandled understands that life is ongoing, and that important changes can happen at any step of the way. Documents can be complex in nature, they can involve a lot of stress and time. TrustHandled removes those elements from the process and leaves you with a user-friendly way of creating legal documents that will provide you and your loved ones with the protection you need.

Creating Estate Planning Documents is essential for anyone looking for peace of mind regarding their finances after death and protecting their minor children from becoming wards of the state if something were to happen before they reach adulthood. Our company offers these vital documents at a fraction of what it would cost through an attorney.