What Is a Trust?

A trust can be a powerful tool in your estate planning efforts. Your estate plan is a clear symbol of the time and care you have poured into protecting your financial legacy and passing it to those you love – in accordance with your wishes. When you understand what trusts have to offer, it can help bolster your peace of mind in relation to your ability to continue caring for your family members once you’re gone. Turn to a trusted online estate planning platform for the skilled guidance and safe document storage you are looking for.  

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Basic Estate Planning Documents Checklist: 4 Documents You Need

Estate planning is an essential mechanism for ensuring that your financial legacy is distributed according to your wishes, which allows you to continue supporting the ones you love and to address additional concerns, such as guardianship of any minor children. While it may seem daunting, setting up a comprehensive estate plan doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may think. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve taken care of this critical task can prove invaluable A reputable online estate planning company that allows you to create

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Should You Set Up a Revocable Living Trust?

Estate planning can be time-consuming and complex, but it is often well worth the effort. Developing a solid estate plan is crucial to protect yourself if you become incapacitated and your family after you pass away. While a will is the most common estate planning tool, other options may be more suitable depending on your circumstances. One such option is a revocable living trust. A revocable living trust allows you to transfer your assets to the ownership of a trust during your lifetime. The owner of the trust, or "grantor," retains control over the

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How to Change a Living Trust

A living trust is a tool individuals use as part of the estate planning process. The owner of the trust, or “grantor,” can revoke or change the trust instructions at any point in his or her lifetime. Living trusts have many benefits, such as avoiding probate, protecting privacy, and providing grantors greater flexibility and control. However, sometimes making changes to a living trust may be necessary.  For instance, changes in the law, personal circumstances, or family dynamics may necessitate trust modifications. Below, we explore the

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Can I Do My Own Living Trust in California?

  • Trust
  • February 10, 2023

A living trust is a legal document that creates a trust while you are alive, and the beneficiaries you assign to the living trust receive the assets you assign to them upon your death. In other words, a living trust is a lot like a will in the sense that it outlines your wishes regarding your assets upon your passing. A living trust, however, goes further than a will by bypassing the cumbersome probate process and ensuring that your legacy passes smoothly to your loved ones – in accordance with your wishes and with the fewest legal interferences

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